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Discover a pleasant stay in the Lena Pillars Camp with the best view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site
Discover a pleasant stay in the Lena Pillars Camp
We are based in Batamay area of Khangalas District on the banks of Lena river opposite of National park "Lena Pillars".
9 rooms
Our camp has 2 guesthouses with comfortable rooms with panoramic view of the river and the Lena Pillars. The main building has a common dining area and a restaurant.
Each room has its own bathroom with shower, air conditioning, climate control, comfortable double beds with snow-white linen, Wi-fi, TV.
Panorama is 4 comfortable double rooms of the Standard category with large panoramic windows.
7 dome houses overlooking the river, the Lena Pillars and the endless starry sky. It is our new project, on which construction in progress.
In the main building of our camp there are 3 Suites and 2 Junior Suites. Also here you will find a restaurant and a dining room for our guests.
Room 5, First category
Large double room with a separate access to the balcony
Room 1, First category
Large double room
Room 4, First category
Large double room
Double rooms on the second floor of the Panorama building
Double room
Rooms 6,7,8,9, First category
Room 2, First category
Room 3, First category
Room with two single beds
Visit us for silence. Silence calms better than millions of unnecessary words...
Distance ~ 200 km from Yakutsk to the camp
4 hour drive from Yakutsk
Time and route to the camp depends on weather conditions, river level and road quality. In winter (November-April), the camp can be reached by car.

In the off-season and summer time (April-October), the camp can be reached as follows: from the village of Tit-Aryy to the Batamay by car along the river bank or from Tit-Aryy to the camp by motorboats / speed boats.

In the off-season and during the ice drift, we strongly recommend that you first clarify the transfer and road conditions with the manager by phone: +7 (914) 270-90-60
What is the difference between rooms?
The camp has 9 rooms of the First category.
The main difference between the rooms is the different size of the rooms. This is the first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a room for settlement. The cost of the room directly depends on this parameter - the more space, the more expensive. For example, in the room "Dawn" there is a personal exit to the balcony.
The interiors of the rooms are the same. Each room has its own shower, sink, toilet, TV, wi-fi and other amenities.
What should you take with you?
We offer the best way to relax from the bustle of the city in comfort, like in the city. Before the trip, you need to make sure that you have taken personal hygiene items, seasonal clothes with you. In the main building there is a modern restaurant with the most delicious dishes. Restaurant menu and cost can be obtained from the administrator.
What are the additional services?
In winter, we offer ice fishing, skiing, Nordic walking, excursions to the Petrovsky writings.
Do you have Wi-Fi?
Cellular network does not work in the area of Batamay. However we have free Wi-Fi internet access.
How to get there, is there always a road?
In winter any car reaches the camp, there is a winter road on ice. During the passage of ice, you can organize a transfer from the villages of Tit-Aryy and Tumul by motor boat or quad bikes. In summer, depending on the water level on the Lena River, you can drive along the bank to the camp or by motor boats. More details in a special section: how to get there
Do you provide an extra bed?
An extra bed in the form of a folding single bed can be placed in the large rooms "Dawn", "Halo" and "Shine" in the main building.
Do you allow to stay with pets?
Unfortunately, according to the rules of the hotel, pets are not allowed to stay on the territory of the camp site.
Do you have a transfer?
Unfortunately, the hostel does not provide transfers. For larger groups, we suggest using the services of a transport company.
How can I get to the National park Lena Pillars?
During the tourist winter season, you can get there by any car on the winter road. And in the absence of roads and a winter road, we provide a snowmobile transportation service. In summer and autumn, river crossings by motor boats are available.